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  • Equipements de loisirs


    New animation and unique course at the giant Labyrinth Le Jardin d'Ariane. Enter the magical world of witches! Road map in hand, it's up to you to challenge the guardian of the giant labyrinth. Defeat the traps and solve the puzzles and recreate the secret code to cross the maze door.

    Website Mail contact +33 4 68 80 47 50

    +33 4 68 80 47 50

  • Patrimoine naturel


    1739 meters long itinerary, 200-meter high fault, and a 157 meters difference in height, through limestone gorges, onto a safe footbridge. Two kilometers away from Arles sur Tech, on the way to Prats de Mollo, huge red-colored cliffs are rising to the sky. They already show the toughness of the site and the abysses’ scary depth. The light torrent that flows under the bridge called “La Fou” (from an old catalan word meaning precipice), just crossed 2 kilometers down a very tight cut through a rock mountain. 4 free car parks, 6 kennels are at your disposal.

    Website Mail contact +33 4 68 39 16 21

    +33 4 68 39 16 21

  • Patrimoine naturel


    In the Tet valley, halfway between sea and mountain, discover a unique landscape of "fairies chimneys". These coloured reliefs were born thanks to the incredible work of water, sculpting the clay and sand torn from the pyrenean massif and deposited in the Têt river since 5 millions years. A one-hour stroll will challenges your imagination and makes you experience new emotions.

    Website Mail contact +33 4 68 84 13 13

    +33 4 68 84 13 13


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