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  • Equipements de loisirs


    Every year a large number of visitors flock to admire the magic of nature; indeed in addition to the didactic aspect of the event, it is a great moment of pleasure and relaxation for young and old. The tropic of the butterfly also welcomes you for birthdays. Large parking to receive all types of visitors: groups, school buses etc .... A shop with decorative objects and a bookstore specialized around the theme of Butterfly.

    Website Mail contact +33 4 68 37 83 77

    +33 4 68 37 83 77

  • Equipements de loisirs


    It is in a country still unexplored by man that fairies, goblins, dragons, unicorns and pirates have built a small paradise, where nature is still preserved. It is rumored that these little beings would wake up at night ... A fun 2 hour ride takes you to discover attractions born under the sign of the fantastic world of tales and legends: - The Magic Circus, a unique collection of circus automatons, - Gulliver at the Lilliféeries, a universe in miniature, - The Enchanted Forest, scenes told and a giant treasure hunt, - The Labyrinth of Illusions, - The lair of the dragon, guardian of the treasure, - The Unicorns, - Pirate Island: novelty 2019, - The botanical trail of Mediterranean plants, - And many other discoveries ... Observation games ..

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  • Equipements de loisirs


    Nature park and adventure games located in Trouillas. The park is composed of 12 labyrinths from the most classic to the most modern, a laby splash, labyrinth of water. These labyrinths are filled with games and riddles for all ages. You will also find a village of cabins of the world, a Zen garden, puzzles and games fun and informative games for young and old. A free car park of 100 places is accessible to people with reduced mobility. The haunted labyrinth is open in the summer and for the All Saints school holidays at night.

    Website Mail contact +33 4 68 53 77 68

    +33 4 68 53 77 68

  • Patrimoine culturel


    Created in 1950, the museum presents collections that concentrate on art from the 20th century and artists who lived in the town: Picasso, Herbin, Gris, Manolo, Masson, Chagall, Miró, Dali…

    Website Mail contact +33 4 68 87 27 76

    +33 4 68 87 27 76

  • Patrimoine culturel


    Built on Roman foundations between 1276 and 1344, it was arranged for the Mallorcan Royal Family. Occupied by the spanish until 1642, then became french. Classified as a historical monument in 1922. Nowadays exhibits or shows take place inside all year long.

    Website Mail contact +33 4 68 82 06 43

    +33 4 68 82 06 43

  • Patrimoine culturel


    Elne, ecclesiastical capital of the Roussillon from 568 to 1602, shelters a beautiful Romanesque cathedral from the 11th century, as well as a cloister in white marble veined with blue and built from the 12th to the 15th century. The cloister invites to the discovery of two eras, two styles, of two sensitivities: the Romanesque and the Gothic.

    Website Mail contact +33 4 68 22 70 90

    +33 4 68 22 70 90

  • Patrimoine culturel


    Located in the heart of Perpignan, this splendid palace of the XIIIth century has been the center of the ephemeral kingdom of Majorca. This palace was built to please Jacques II who wanted an abode in the capital of its kingdom. The castle was built in 1274 in a late Roman style and finished after 1300 in Gothic style. The magnificent chapels show both the elegance of that time and the status of Perpignan as an economic, politic and cultural center of the Mediterranean during the Middle Age.

    Website Mail contact +33 4 68 34 96 26

    +33 4 68 34 96 26

  • Patrimoine culturel


    This 17th century fortress built by Vauban, is one of the most remarkable work of military architecture in the Roussillon.

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    +33 4 68 56 49 70

  • Patrimoine culturel


    In 1552 Spanish King Charles Vth fortified the tower of "La Guardia", it became Fort St Elme. It was for a long time the main coastal defensive system. On august 21st, 1913 the fort was sold at an auction and has since then been privately owned.(Visits from March to November)

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  • Patrimoine culturel


    This 3-hectare botanical park invites you to discover more than 1400 varieties of plants from five continents, through a beautiful and unexpected walk: rare, primitive, exotic plants, collections of cacti, bamboo, eucalyptus and fragrant flowers. A fun and educational discovery that will put all your senses in turmoil. A treasure hunt is offered to children to make their visit unforgettable.

    Website Mail contact +33 4 68 53 22 44

    +33 4 68 53 22 44

  • Patrimoine culturel


    Located in the middle of Aspres, the Byrrh Cellars exist since 1892. Listed as “remarkable Site of Taste” in 1994, these wine cellars shelter on 7 hectares, 600 wooden barrels, a hall of Eiffel architecture, as well as the largest tank (made of oak) of the world. The Byrrh Cellars, subsidiary of Pernod Ricard, work out a broad range of aperitifs containing wines and sweet aperitif wines. Plants and spices exhibition (cinnamon, quinquina, barks of bitter oranges, cocoa, green coffee…), the development and aromatization process are one of cultural interest. The Byrrh Cellars take part in the development of Catalan products.

    Website Mail contact +33 4 68 57 51 73

    +33 4 68 57 51 73

  • Patrimoine culturel


    This building is the emblem of the town and it's the ancient city gate. The main body, the "Grand Castillet", is built in red bricks and marble from Baixas and it belongs to the Aragonese age. It was built in 1368 and then transformed by Luis XI who added the terrace and the red brick turret crowned by a dome. The second gate, "la porte Notre Dame", was built in the same period. During XVII and XVIII century the building became a prison. At present it houses the Museum of the history of Northern Catalonia "Joseph Deloncle" (see the "museums" section of the website). You have to climb 142 stairs to reach the top of the building.

    Website Mail contact +33 4 68 35 42 05

    +33 4 68 35 42 05

  • Patrimoine culturel


    Located in an exceptional setting, suspended above the Baillaury valley, the Mediterranean Garden presents more than 500 plant species, local or from areas subject to the Mediterranean climate (South Africa, California etc.). Visitors can discover on three hectares, three spaces in exteriors and interiors. Terraces overlooking the valley of the Baillaury and their associated ornamental themes. A discovery trail and its natural management of the environment. Temporary and permanent exhibition spaces to better understand the Earth's biodiversity. The garden is also home to a diverse fauna and associated with plant species (insects, amphibians, etc.), making it an ideal playground and observation for naturalists, photographers and scientists!

    Website Mail contact +33 4 68 88 73 39

    +33 4 68 88 73 39

  • Patrimoine naturel


    Nestled on the coast Vermeille, in the hollow of the caps Béar and Oulestrell, between sea and vineyards, this former dynamite factory implanted by Alfred Nobel in 1870 experienced between 2006 and 2008 a spectacular redevelopment by the joint will of the Conservatoire du Littoral, owner, and the Department, manager. Now a haven of peace and nature, this green haven of 32 ha enhances the history and industrial memory of places, the discovery of natural heritage and the Catalan maritime heritage through the barques restoration workshop.

    Website Mail contact +33 4 68 95 23 40

    +33 4 68 95 23 40


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