You can reach Spain from Laroque des Albères in less than an hour and a half and here are some suggestions for places to visit. 

Figueres AND THE Dali MUSEUM

Figueres, a lively town with neo-classical and modern buildings is the native town of the artist, Salvador Dali.

The Teatre-Museu  in the former town theatre is the only European museum, exclusively dedicated to the work of this artist. 

It is the second most visited museum in Spain. The works of Dali include his paintings, sculptures, jewellery, drawings and engravings as well as other items from his personal collection, all in imaginative and spectacular surroundings which correspond so well with the famous surrealist painter's personality. 


Cadaquès, nestling in a cove at the extremity of the Cap de Creus peninsula is the most easterly village in continental Spain. 

It is a typical Mediterranean old town, dominated by a church of great architectural interest.  
Thanks to the endeavours of Salvador Dal its natural beauty has been preserved.

One of the places to visit is Dal's house, now a museum.  (reservation essential)

Sant Pere de Rodes

The monastery of Sant Pere de Rodes, the ancient Benedictine abbaye, is considered an exceptional example of medieval religious architecture.

The coastal panorama of the Mediterranean is breathtaking!

Olot, capital of la Garrotxa

 Olot is a town of 28 000 inhabitants situated in the upper valley of the River Fluvial, in the centre of a volcanic area.   It has no less than 4 volcanoes in its urban area, including Volcano del Montsacopa, a strombolian volcano, located near the old center, which it dominates by 94 metres.  The summit is easily accessible on foot and offers a beautiful view of the city below.

The city has a lot of cultural activity as well as a rich architectural heritage: Casa Gaietà, Casa Gassiot, Casa Pons and Tusquets

It also has many museums: Museu Trincheria, Museu Comarcal de la Garrotxa, Museum of the Volcanoes, Interactive Museum of the fauna of the Eastern Pyrenees ...

Before leaving town, do not forget to taste the volcanic cuisine, one of the local specialties.


Located between the sea and the mountains, Girona has one of the most representative historical centers of Catalonia.

Visitors can discover no less than 6 museums, the Jewish Quarter, the Cathedral with its Gothic nave, the largest in the world, the Arab baths, the houses along the Onyar River, or simply stroll on the Carolingian Wall.


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