Ancienne salle des fêtes sur la Côte de la PlaceAt the bottom of the 'Côte de la Place' there is a building with the inscription  « Salle des Fêtes ».  Today it is no longer used, but formerly it housed  the Town Hall and the village school.

L'ancienne mairie de Laroque des Albères se situait au pied de la Côte de la Place

The concert hall interior balcony is in the style of the nineteen thirties.  Balcon de l'ancienne salle des fêtes


Opposite the old town hall is a building, where originally there was a mill belonging to the Malzach family (an important family of Laroque).  It was also called the Lord's mill as it had belonged to the Lord of the Castle of Laroque. 

Later this was the site of the Post Office, which has since been relocated further down the village.

Place OF Camille Ferrer

Here there was a reservoir which provided water for the Lord's mill. 

Camille Ferrer was a Catalan water colour painter, native of Laroque-des-Albères.  Renowned in the region, he was called the 'painter of the Albères'.  His daughter, Maguy Ferrer, is also a water colour artist and her paintings, depicting the Catalan landscape, can be viewed in her gallery at 30 Avenue de la Côte Vermeille.

Laroque des Albères peint par Camille Ferrer


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